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                              "Your Analytical Solution since 1979"                                     One of the oldest Laboratories in the USA  
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                              "Your Analytical Solution since 1979"                                     One of the oldest Laboratories in the USA  
          Call Today:
(225) 769-1930

QA/QC Information

It is important to note that Analytical & Environmental Testing, Inc. will use only official EPA and ASTM methodology when performing analyses for your program. Documented quality control and assurance procedures are utilized to ensure the highest degree of accuracy. Our QA/QC procedures consist of daily QC samples run in each sample set and a semi-annual audit utilizing an outside QC standards source. Our daily QA/QC reports are an integral part of our final analytical report to you. The benefit of this extensive QA/QC is that the accuracy of the result is validated in every possible way.

The programs and the facilities established to facilitate this high degree of quality control are numerous. In our Organic Department, we have located our equipment in a separate lab with an independent A/C/heat system. The VOA lab has positive pressure.  In order to further eliminate cross and/or blank contamination, we have established an extraction lab in a separate building with dedicated heating and cooling systems.

In our Inorganic Lab, A & E Testing has compartmentalized laboratories by function to facilitate quality. All metal analysis done by ICP is separated from the wet lab. Sample preparation for metal analysis is accomplished by an EPA-approved block digestion unit. This has virtually eliminated cross and/or blank contamination as compared to the old hot plate digestion. The TOC instrument is located in a different section from the wet lab and organic labs in order to eliminated fugitive contamination by organic vapors.

Our Bioassay Lab was established in 1982, making A & E Testing the only "full-service" laboratory in the Gulf Coast area. Quality control is assured by several factors such as a 1920 cu. ft. walk-in Biochamber with off-site 24-hour monitoring of temperature. This assures that the animals are never moved during the test period and any drastic fluctuations in sample temperature are monitored day AND night. The Bioassay Lab is also located in a separate building from the main laboratory complex and is climatically controlled with dedicated heating and cooling systems.

Unique Aspects of QA Procedures

A & E Testing's Organics Program:

  • EPA "Batch" concept
  • Matrix spike matrix spike duplicate (MSMSD) per batch
  • Independent Lab Control Samples (LCS)
  • Surrogates
  • Extraction / Purge Log

 A & E Testings' Bioassay Department:

  1. In-house cultures
  2. Routine Toxicant Testing
  3. 1920 cubic foot Biochamber (Incubator)
  4. In-house Lab Control Samples (LCS)
  5. Control Charts for Reference Toxicant

 A & E Testing's Metals Program:

  1. EPA "Batch" concept
  2. Matrix spikeduplicate (MSD) per batch
  3. Independent Lab Control Samples (LCS)
  4. Hotblock Digestion
  5. Digestion Logs 

 A & E Testing's Conventional Testing:

  1. Routine Duplicates
  2. Routine matrix spike (MS)
  3. NPDES spikes and duplicates per outfall
  4. Independent Lab Control Samples (LCS)
Personnel Qualifications

The most important asset of our QA program is our people. Most of our professional staff of chemists and biologists have B.Sc or M.S. degrees in one of the science fields.

Lab technicians involved in culturing animals or sample preparation have various levels of education (min. 3 years) if not B.Sc and M.S. degrees.

Many of the staff regularly attend continuing education ranging from nationally recognized conferences on new and/or changing methods, seminars on customer service, classes sponsored by vendors and meetings where regulatory issues are discussed. 

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