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                               "Your Analytical Solution since 1979"                                  One of the oldest Laboratories in the USA  
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(225) 769-1930
                               "Your Analytical Solution since 1979"                                  One of the oldest Laboratories in the USA  
Call Today:
(225) 769-1930

About Us

A & E Testing, Inc. is comprised of five departments:
  • Organic Laboratory
  • Inorganic Laboratory
  • Toxicity Laboratory
  • Administrative
  • Sample Management
Automated VOA Sample Analyses
  • To ensure that laboratory operations and procedures are in complete compliance with all state and federal regulartory requirements and that all operations adhere to the highest standards of good laboratory practice. All laboratory procedures employed are the latest promulgations from EPA or other official agencies.
  • To maintain the integrity of all samples and assure the maximum possible accuracy and precision of all analytical results.
  • To provide complete, accurate documentation and verification of all analytical data.
  • To provide industry with a complete program of environmental monitoring and reporting backed up by fast and accurate test results.
  • To stand ready to work with industry in the area of research and development and to assist industry with non-routine analytical services.
Digital Scales

Dedicated Balance Rooms in all Laboratories

The senior staff consists of President, QA Officer, Organic/Inorganic Technical Director, Toxicity Technical Director, Sample Department Manager, and Business Manager. The senior technical staff is well-qualified to provide comprehensive review, evaluation and discussion of analytical methods and the associated data. All professionals have either bachelor's or master's degrees in one of the scientific disciplines. Technical staff can provide expert responses to a client's need in the areas of RCRA testing of wastes, groundwater assessments, NPDES monitoring, bioassays, TRE and identifications of unknowns. They are also prepared to develop and implement special analytical programs tailored to meet a customer's specific requirements.

All testing and analytical determinations carried out for the purpose of regulatory compliance adhere strictly to federal and state testing procedures or other documented analytical protocols such as those from EPA, ASTM, Standard Methods, etc. An extensive quality assurance/quality control program, based on The NELAC Institute (TNI), provides accurate tracking and analysis of all samples and verifies proper documentation of all results.

For more information on our testing policies, procedures and locations, contact A & E Testing, Inc. at (225) 769-1930.

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